Squiwh, Swipsh, Swoop: Labeling Happiness.

Squiwh. Swipsh. Swoop.  Squiwh. Swipsh. Swoop.

It’s hard to describe how comforting that sound sequence is.  That’s the sound my label maker makes.  Yesterday Jessica and I posted about 10 Things Nobody Told You Your Classroom Needs But That it Absolutely Does and my label maker made the list.  It’s something that I came in to early to school this morning to use.  Extra early, in fact, because I already had to come in early for an IEP amendment meeting this morning.

I brought it in to label the drawers of the new organizers I found at Goodwill that now, along with my new tables, replace the black holes that were student desks. I also thought it was important to do this:

Labels, tables, organizers, early morning productiveness.  There’s so much to be happy about.



Classroom Organization

Classroom Organization

If you can’t find what you need, sometimes it’s like you might as well not even have it in the first place.  There’s little more frustrating than not being able to locate what you need when you need it.  That is why organization is so important.  Posts under this category will focus on the ways we keep our classrooms organized as well as ourselves and our students.