About Us

Jessica and Aileen met in college and the two are now “forever friends.” Their friendship is largely based on Jessica taking care of and feeding Aileen.  They bonded over some shared life experiences like having both lived in Japan as well as common interests like Special Education and shows like Psych.  


by Aileen

Jessica is incredible.  Somehow she manages being a mother, wife, teacher and friend and she is amazing at it all.  Seriously, she never even takes temper tantrums or lies on the floor and complains. (Things which I do on a semi-regular basis.)  She has an in-depth understanding of her students and shows great compassion in her teaching.  She has created a real community with her students and their families.  Jessica is an expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder and a go to gal to help develop community and parent relationships.  Plus, she can cook, like really, like “I’m so good I don’t really need a recipe for this amazing dish.”  Basically, Jessica is a superstar.



by Jessica

Aileen is one of the coolest, funniest, smartest people I know.  She can make you laugh, make you sentimental and tell you fun facts all in a matter of minutes.  She is a true friend who is constantly thinking of how to help others.  She is also continually trying to improve herself and push herself out of her comfort zone.  Knowing her is life changing and eye opening!  I am proud of her and honored to call her my “forever friend!”


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