Very Hungry Caterpillar

Character 22

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Book Synopsis: A very hungry caterpillar prepares for the cocoon which will help him develop into a beautiful butterfly.

Instructional Focus: (Numbers are for the Virginia Standards of Learning, generally Reading/English)

Reading: Cause and Effect (4.5G, 5.5J) Writing: How To (2.12, 3.9, 3.11, 4.7,5.7)  Science: Life Cycle

Creating the Costume: I took a white dress I would never wear and dyed it green.  Then I watered down different green fabric paint and painted the stripes on the dress.  The red knit hat was an awesome thrift store find and turned into the head with some felt and hot glue.

Delivery:  This book is a very quick read, and when reading it with my groups, we focused more in inferencing with one group and choosing an appropriate graphic organizer with another.  We had been working on using webs to help organize and understand information from what we read, but one of my students noted that a web wouldn’t really help you with a book like this, so it was a nice way to introduce a plot diagram organizer.


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