Paddington Bear

Character 20

A Bear Called Paddington (Chapter 1) by Michael Bond

Book Synopsis: A bear with a penchant for trouble from “darkest Peru” shows up in London and is adopted by a family.

Instructional Focus: (Numbers are for the Virginia Standards of Learning, generally Reading/English)

Reading: Cause and Effect (4.5G, 5.5J  Predicting, (K9C, 1.9D, 2.8A, 3.5C, 4.5I, 5.5K) Writing: Descriptive (1.13C, 2.12C,3.9F, 5.7f)

Creating the Costume: The coat for this costume is my actual winter coat.  The boots are old rainboots I spray painted yellow.  The hat and suitcase were thrift store finds.  For Christmas somebody had given me homemade apple butter and I used it as a substitute for the marmalade Paddington so loves.  I used yarn, a sharpie and some felt to make the “Please Take Care of this Bear” tag.

Delivery:  This character debuted the same time as the movie was coming out in theaters and I loved the idea that kids might be motivated to not only see the movie but also read the book after hearing a part of the book being read.  After the first day as the character, I continued reading parts of this book each day to one of my groups and we have used a number of strategies to make sure we understand the book.


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