Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Character 18

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! By Dr. Seuss

Book Synopsis: A Grinch lives up to his name as the town gets ready for Christmas.  He decides to steal Christmas but the town’s response convinces him to change his mind and grow his heart.

Instructional Focus: (Numbers are for the Virginia Standards of Learning, generally Reading/English)

Sequence (K9f, 1,9G, 2.8h, 3.5f, 4.5k, 5.5l) Character Actions (1.9F, 2.8E, 3.5D, 4.5B, 5.5B)

Creating the Costume: Felt, hot glue and a headband again!  I swore when I started this project that I would not be making last minute costumes and stick to the plan.  Then I realized that the week before winter break was such a crazy time that sticking to the plan wasn’t going to work out.  Luckily this came together pretty easily.  The “antler” was made from felt and filled with plastic shopping bags.

Delivery:  Since I do math with kindergarten, I don’t usually read the character costume book with them. Also since I see them first thing in the morning, I usually don’t have all the parts of the costume on when I see them.  This day was did read to them.  It’s difficult to read Dr. Seuss and not get tongue tied!


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