Character 12

Corduroy by Don Freeman

Book Synopsis: A bear loses his button and searches the department store at night to find it.

Instructional Focus: (Numbers are for the Virginia Standards of Learning, generally Reading/English)

Reading: Compare and Contrast (1.9F, 2.8E, 3.5D,4.5K,5.5l 5.5B) Math: Categorizing/ Measurement (Compare Corduroy to other bears) Problem and Solution,(2.8F, 3.5H, 4.5E)

Creating the Costume: Once again, an old white shirt dyed brown was used, along with brown tights and a green corduroy dress I stole from my mother (whenever she sees it she gushes about how great it was for when she worked as a kindergarten aide back in the late 90s.)  The ears are the usual hot glue, felt and headband.

Delivery:  We had started working on figurative language with some of my older students, and Corduroy was a good example of personification.  Other groups compared Corduroy with other bears Lisa could have bought.  Problem and solution was another thing we worked on with this book.


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