Web Wednesday: Autism Village App

Autism Village App ScreenshotWhat is it?:


Autism Village App

The Autism Village app is an amazing “Yelp! like” app that helps families and people with Autism to have a more positive experience in the community.  This app provides feedback about local shops and businesses by those that frequent them.  What is unique to this app is that the feedback is specific to the needs of those with Autism.  For example, if the place is overstimulating with many flashing lights, loud noises or non-autism friendly people you can find out before you go.

You will be able to get the app here: http://autismvillage.com/index.php/the-app

Who is it for?:

Anyone who has a family member or friend with autism can use this app.  Teachers can use it for field trips also.

Why use it?:

This app can be used for so much.  Not only can people avoid going to places that might set off their person but it can also be used as a tool to help them cope.  For example, I am a teacher and I go on field trips with my students.  This app can be used to help prepare my students for what they can expect at the place we are going.  If it isn’t “Autism Friendly,” I can prepare them for the ways in which they will have to cope.  I can also take tools that will help me prevent meltdowns due to sensory overstimulation.

Favorite aspects?:

My favorite aspect is that this app is so versatile that it can be used by anyone who has a need to know what the sensory level is like.  It doesn’t just have to pertain to someone with Autism.  Sometimes I have a sensitivity to loud noises or crowds and I have no disabilities whatsoever.

This app has not been released yet but should be by Summer 2015.

Here is an article that tells all about the person who started it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/19/autism-village-app_n_6886846.html
The autism village website tells more of the story too.

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