Web Wednesday: Quizlet.com

Quizlet Screenshot

What is it?:

Quizlet.com is a site that you can use for free to create flash cards of any kind. In the free portion, you can create sets of cards and search any public made cards.  There is an upgraded “teacher” version that gives you access to a few other features but the free version is plenty awesome!

Who is it for?:

Quizlet can be for educators, students, and parents.  Educators can use with the class, students can make their own study guides, and parents can help their kiddos study or they can use this if they homeschool.

Why use it?:

Quizlet has some pretty cool features.  You have more options than just flash cards.  Once your “set” is made, you can test, learn, spell, scatter, and race.  Each of these features provides a scored and or timed activity directly related to the information you place on the sets.  You can test on the computer or print the tests out.  Each time you generate a test, it will mix up the questions for you.  One option even mixes up the responses and goes between all of the definitions (answers) you place with the terms (questions).  If you don’t feel like making your own cards, you can search the site by keywords and see if someone else has done the work for you.  I searched by both SOL and ASOL today and found direct results!

Favorite aspects?:

There is so much to love about this site that I don’t think I can pick one favorite aspect.  I do LOVE the option to print my tests or have the students do them on the computer.  I also LOVE that the tests shuffle each time I generate one!  Great site and highly recommend it.  There are so many options and they can benefit a lot of people!

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