Character 6

Arthur Writes a Story by Marc Brown

Book Synopsis: Will Arthur find something he cares to write about or will his story be a big mess?

Instructional Focus: (Numbers are for the Virginia Standards of Learning, generally Reading/English)

Writing: Organizing, (2.2B, 3.9B, 3.11C, 4.7D, 5.7C)

Creating the Costume:  Hot glue, felt and a headband is all it took to get the ears for Arthur.  Dye an old sweater yellow and the costume is complete (I should own stock in RIT!)  This is an example of how the character costumes don’t always have to be elaborate.

Arthur is told to write a story for homework and everytime he goes to share his story he gets suggestions on how to make it better.  HIs story quickly becomes a disorganized hodge-podge of everyone else’s ideas.  I used the book to help introduce my students to the purpose writer conferencing (both with a peer and with the teacher) and to help hit the idea of organization home to my students.


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