Chickie Chickie Boom Boom


A great opportunity arose, we took it and hatched it!  The school nurse approached me just after we finished our Life Cycle lessons.  She asked if we wanted to incubate and hatch baby chickens.  Of course I said yes and immediately went to the administrator with my excitement!  I think that is why she approved the process.  That, and the fact that they couldn’t get out of their enclosed area once they hatched.

Twenty-one short days later we have BABIES!!!!!!  Two of the three chicks hatched.  We were really sad that the 3rd didn’t make it but I thought it was a great lesson for the life cycle and how sometimes not all of the newborns live.

What was an amazing surprise was that several of my students became “Mother Hens”  The students would run, I mean they would literally run through the room from where ever they were at times.  One student would run every time the incubator beeped to see the eggs turn. Another student would run in from lunch or wherever they were in the school just to check on them, this occurred more as they got closer to hatching.  It really surprised me how they hovered.

When the hatch day came for the one that hatched while we were there, there was barely any room to see the incubator the whole day.  Students would gather around and exclaim their excitement of seeing the egg move or crack.  When the chick came out, there was a lot of commotion and excitement over the new arrival.  What a fantastic teaching moment.  It was very real and completely relevant to them by giving them a visual and relatable experience to relate to life and their lesson!  While the chicks may have to go back to the farm, the lessons they taught my students and staff will stay with us.  
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