Incredible Day? Let Me Count The Ways…

Did I just have an awesome day? I think I did.

When I committed myself to weekly Character Costumes this year, I promised myself that I would get everything squared away the summer before. I promised that I wouldn’t be scrambling the week of trying to find knee high socks or making tutus. I promised that I would keep it all organized and this crazy idea of dressing up as a character from a book once a week would not take over my life. My track record isn’t that great when it comes to keeping self-promises. For the most part though, I’ve been good about this one. Until today.

Today I got out of class thirty minutes late because the professor isn’t so good at time management, and I should have headed straight home and been in a terrible mood. After all, I wouldn’t be getting home until after nine (which when you leave at seven in the morning, makes for a long day) and all I had for dinner was popcorn and peach tea. Instead I went shopping for a yellow plaid shirt. I had a red plaid shirt all ready to go when I realized this morning that the character totally wore a yellow plaid shirt, and in more than one book too. Those scholars would totally call me out if I showed up in red. Coupled with the stress of upcoming standardized testing, how did all of this add up to an incredible day? Let me count the ways…

  1. I told a joke to a stranger and she laughed. The cashier asked if I wanted to keep the hanger and laughed when I punned “No thanks, you can hang onto it.” I didn’t even have to go “ba-dum-tiss.” She knew it was a joke, and gave a genuine laugh.
  2. I actually learned something from class tonight! I walked out with something I want to try with my students and something else I want to try with my teachers. While I might moan about the work, I’m happy to have decided to go back for this post-grad certification program.
  3. Sunroof. I got to use it today. It was amazing.
  4. My “problem” behavior this afternoon was that two of my students (in my most difficult group both academically and behaviorally speaking) kept sneaking out their choice books and reading when there was even half a second of a break in instruction. One even said, “I like reading.” This is a kid who hated reading and didn’t care about anything we did all last year and the year before. It was so gratifying to have this problem and to have him inspiring others to engage others in the same behavior.
  5. New music. I love getting new CDs (I know I can download music, but I’m still attached to the paper insert you get with CDs.) I love when I get something I can listen to over and over and over again until I am sick of it. Then I don’t listen to it for a long time, rediscover it and love it again.
  6. I actually got a moment to reflect on my instruction and was happy with what I had. Normally, my reflection skews more to “what went wrong?” Today I was reflecting on how I’m teaching persuasive writing, and realized that using mentor texts alongside letting the students write collaboratively, the graphic organizer, and the RAFT strategy pushed on me by a peer is making teaching persuasive writing so much more effective (and fun!)
  7. Cupcakes. There were free cupcakes in staff dining today. I might have eaten two.
  8. I got to read a book of my choice for enjoyment. I love reading, and I have since I was a kid. Still, I will find myself in a dry spell where I haven’t read a book of my choice for weeks. Recently though, I’ve got sucked into a good book and love sneaking moments here and there to read it. Today it was when I was brushing my teeth.
  9. My injuries have healed! Slacking on my running then doing two races in one day was not a good choice this past weekend. Add falling off the step and onto my ankle in step class, and I was not in very good shape. Things were not looking good for weekend’s race. Today though, I’m pain free and looking forward to Saturday.
  10. I got my electric bill today and it is less than half of what it was last month. I’m so happy winter is done!

Life is good. Plus, I found a yellow plaid shirt. It will be a $7.97 well spent.


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