Web Wednesday: Scholastic.com



What is it?

Many are familiar with Scholastic the publisher and seller of books, magazines and the like but their website is so much more than just a place to order things. They also publish magazines geared to different grade levels.  When you purchase the magazine you have access to additional online resources. They do offer other free online resources without magazine purchase as well.

My experience is with the magazine that my school ordered for me. We were able to choose how many in increments of 10. The articles in the magazines are all non-fiction learning tools and have vocabulary and worksheets related to most of them that will guide both teacher and student. The magazines are broken into grade level and have different names based on which level you choose. For example, Scholastic Action is for Grades 6–12 (reading level 3-5)

Who is it for?

Scholastic is not just for educators in the classroom. This is a great resource that can be tailored toward your needs. They have items for librarians, different grade/reading levels, and so much more. They have a parent and student section on the website and the magazines can be used at home.

Why use it?

Scholastic is a wonderful resource that has amazing website features. The site lists that it has links for teachers, parents, librarians, administration, students, and even links to common core standards. In my classroom we use it to help with fluency and comprehension for a variety of grade and reading levels.

Favorite aspects?

My favorite aspects of the online supplements to the magazine are the audio setting on some articles as well as the worksheets that are made available for certain articles. The audio setting is not an option on all articles but when it is, you can change the settings to read fast or slower and there is even an option to change the article reading to a lower reading level. I have an auditory learner who loves this aspect as much as I do.


The worksheets that come with the website are great!  They help to focus on on main topics and reiterate comprehension.

While scholastic magazine is a paid subscription, don’t be deterred. Make sure to check out the free resources they offer on the website. Another money saver is to team up with someone who might need the same grade level magazine and share web access. I hope you enjoy scholastic.com as much as I have.

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