Today I left the house with both my girls, all of their stuff and most of mine.  I kept feeling like I forgot something.  Turns out I didn’t even realize what it was until after I dropped the girls off at the sitter.  It was my cell phone.  I live 30 minutes from my work and just dropping the baby off every morning makes me 10-15 minutes late, so going back for it was NOT an option. Usually during the day I am checking e-mail on my phone, playing games while I pump (because I am nursing and working), pinning things while I pump (both school and personal related) and continuously using it for multitasking and “keeping in-touch” purposes when I am away from my computer or just have a spare moment. I think that today without having it, I spent more time actually paying attention to my surroundings like looking at the people I work with and spending more time speaking with them.  I try to be conscious of being on it when it is time to communicate personally but I felt it even more today not having my phone at all. Another thing that I realized was that I used to memorize phone numbers.  Now, I didn’t even have the phone number to where my kids were because it is saved in my phone.  I think I am going to make more of a conscious effort to memorize important phone numbers! Sometimes it is ok to put the electronics down and actually take a look around, even if we don’t think we use them that much, they take up more of our lives that we realize. image


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