Battle of the Books 2015: Part 2: The Slaughter

The monster spent a snow day youtubing old Pardon the Interruption episodes.  It was looking for fodder to fuel the scripts for Book Battle Broadcast.  Authenticity and tone are important.  Gone are the days of relaxing or getting work like grading or lesson plans done. The monster has consumed what once was me and now Battle of the Books occupies my every moment.  The monster has invaded my dreams and waking moments. Before I completely succumb, let me account for my actions so that a record exists of my demise from a reasonable teacher into a crazed fanatic.

  1. Found “Tournament of Books” online, monster awakens (see Part 1)
  2. Recruited (monster thrives on company).  Monster posted on Facebook and tags the Reading Specialist from work.  Issued an ultimatum: THIS. NEEDS. TO. HAPPEN.  Went into work, met with Reading Specialist.  Infected her.  Scheduled meeting to infect others.
  3. Met and infected others, determined which sixteen books would enter the competition.
  4. Forced others to stay late on a Friday after school to construct a book bracket in the cafeteria.  Sent out messages for books.  Started collecting books.
  5. Convinced another to build a website to host the Google Forms we will be using to vote as well as videos of the books.  Conceived Book Battle Broadcast, a web series featuring two of our teachers debating the pros and cons of each book and postulating which books would make it.  Started filming.  Started editing. Started posting. Started sharing. Started voting.Battle of the Books

The monster has taken over. I feel the need to talk about Battle of the Books with complete strangers.


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