Baby Love!


M is 3 months old now.  I had to go back to work eventually.  I am still paying for that degree that got me here after all!  Finding the right place for her was a challenge but I finally found a wonderful friend staying home with her own young son willing to keep her with them while I’m with my students.

The first day going there I took a notebook asking for when she ate, how much she ate, when she slept, and all kinds of other things a Mamma needs to know.  M’s wonderful sitter immediately used the notebook I made but at the end of the day asked if I would mind if she used Google Sheet to keep me updated.  I said of course I did not mind.  Little did I know how much more incredible using a Google Sheets would be.

This has been a life changer.  I am able to comment to the sitter immediately, see what is happening and when it is happening.  I don’t have to wait until I pick her up at the end of the day to see what she has been up to.  I can’t tell you the relief it has made me feel and it is so special to me to be able to see her moving around on the spreadsheet.  I feel like I am right there with her.  Google Sheets has my vote!  It’s free, easy, and quite the super sanity sustainer!

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