Pom Pom What? From Erasers to a Victorious Visual Schedule

Some days my brain works better than others.  Some days, I have “Ah Ha!” moments.  Some days, those two things happen at the same time.  One such example came when I was sitting in my living room, talking with Aileen.  She says, “I used pom poms on the dry erase markers.”  She continued on with the conversation and I had to stop her and ask what in the heck she wanted to use pom poms on her markers for?

She explained that on Pinterest ( check out our Web Wednesday on that amazing resource) she found this awesome idea to create dry erase erasers by using pom poms on the dry erase markers.

Thanks to Fifth Grade Frenzy for this quick but incredible tip.

My mind was officially blown.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself, or much sooner for that matter.  I immediately put it to practice in my classroom!  I LOVE IT!

In that discussion, we also talked about an idea I had not completely formed.  My students were struggling with their morning and afternoon schedule.  I really had trouble with them following through on tasks that were everyday occurrences and had been for the last 1.5 years.  I had already created a visual schedule that we broke down into tasks and made it available for them to see every morning and afternoon.  This did not work in getting them to follow through.  I was discussing a checklist that would hold them accountable for each task and had not figured out how I was going to make this work without creating more work for myself.

Combine the PomPom Ah Ha with the need to improve our daily routine and the visual schedule went to to checklist/task form.  I placed them in page protectors so that the students could use dry erase markers to check off the tasks as they complete them.  Another great part of them being in page protectors is that I can easily flip them so the students see their morning responsibilities in the morning and their afternoon tasks in the afternoon.


Simple but effective and life changing, the perfect Ah Ha Epiphany.

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