VSRA 2015: Jitters and Jubilation

Some people get their feet wet. Some people jump right in.  Me?  I lean so far over trying to get a good look and end up falling in.  Then I wonder what I am doing soaking wet.

This explains why I have so many Billy Crudup movies, why a month after my first 5K I found myself doing a obstacle 10K mud run, why I’m in a graduate program designed to make me qualified as a reading specialist even though I have no real intention of changing jobs and what I am doing at the 2015 Virginia State Reading Association (VSRA) Conference.

The jubilation is over the fact that I’m at a conference surrounded by like-minded book nerds and teachers.  It’s the first time I’ve ever attended any sort of professional conference.  The jitters are over the fact that I am presenting at this conference.  That’s right. Never before have I ever participated or attended a conference and here I am speaking at one.  It’s just a little one-hour concurrent session but it’s still giving me the jitters.

(Pardon me, I had to step away and ponder my life choices for a moment there…)

How did I get here?  One word: GULLIBLE.

Stay tuned for the crash and burn…


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