Web Wednesday: T/TAC


TTAC Image

What is it?

T/TAC is an online resources for teachers created by the VDOE. It stands for The Virginia Department of Education’s Training/Technical Assistance Centers (T/TAC) For Persons Serving Children and Youth With Disabilities.  If you are in Virginia, this is the website for you.  If not, you you can still find good information here.

Who is it for?

This website is to provide special education teachers with resources, education and training.  Parents of children with special needs can also use the provided resources.

Why use it?

There are strategies and lesson plans linked to what we have to teach our students.  It also helps you identify resources specific to different areas of Virginia.

Favorite Aspect

It lists instructional strategies not only for the different areas of Math, English, History/Social Studies and Science, but also strategies related to specific areas of weaknesses like attention, organization, following directions, recall…  THEN, it also provides information about instructional strategies and accommodations for different special populations and ideas for accommodations.

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