Web Wednesday: Pinterest


Pinterest Photo

What is it?

If you’ve found Space On The Spectrum, chances are good that you’re savvy enough to have found Pinterest.  But just in case you haven’t, let us change your life.  That’s right, change your life.  Pinterest is a free virtual file cabinet where you and others “pin” items.  It links to millions of other sites and even if you only stick to repinning the pins that are already there and not adding new content, you’ll still find something good.

Who is it for?

Pinterest is an amazing resource,  not only for everyday life but especially for teaching!  It’s something that can be open all day every day as a website on the computer or as an app on a phone or tablet.  There are even some people out there having students use pinterest (here at Space On The Spectrum we stick to just us teachers).

Why use it?

Why should you use this instead of just doing a web search?  Well, first, when you find something you like you can make a board and organize it with other like items.  Second, it shows you a picture and people can “like” and comment on the link so you can save yourself a bit of trouble before going into the site.  Sometimes all you need is the visual to spark your thinking or solve your problem.

Favorite Aspect:

Pinterest lets you link with your friends (and if you’re like us even a little, your friends will post AWESOME things) create boards and find TONS of school-related things.  You can even follow absolute strangers (like us!) and see what others have found.

Here are two examples of boards we have created:

Aileen’s Classroom Organization Board and Jessica’s Sensory Board

If it looks like your cup of tea, you can follow us and see what we see when we log into the site.

Follow Aileen on Pinterest

Follow Jessica on Pinterest

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