Squiwh, Swipsh, Swoop: Labeling Happiness.

Squiwh. Swipsh. Swoop.  Squiwh. Swipsh. Swoop.

It’s hard to describe how comforting that sound sequence is.  That’s the sound my label maker makes.  Yesterday Jessica and I posted about 10 Things Nobody Told You Your Classroom Needs But That it Absolutely Does and my label maker made the list.  It’s something that I came in to early to school this morning to use.  Extra early, in fact, because I already had to come in early for an IEP amendment meeting this morning.

I brought it in to label the drawers of the new organizers I found at Goodwill that now, along with my new tables, replace the black holes that were student desks. I also thought it was important to do this:

Labels, tables, organizers, early morning productiveness.  There’s so much to be happy about.




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