Classroom Decor

Classroom Decor

Classroom decor is dependent on so many factors.  Personal taste, physical constraints, time, what age level you work with, your building culture and even what you need and have to teach.  Your classroom can be a reflection and extension of who you are as a teacher and your students. Of all the categories we post under, this is the one where Jessica and Aileen are worlds apart on.  Jessica has her “go with the flow” mentality that focuses on affordability and practicality.   She also has the luxury of being able to stay in one room from year to year and even has a sensory room and a shared kitchen. Aileen’s got some serious OCD and is constantly battling with the fire marshal or safety committee.  She also has been moved from classroom to classroom each year and forced to get more and more creative when it comes to fitting into smaller and smaller spaces.  Check out posts in this category on what we do in our rooms and inspiration we find from others.


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